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This is the home base for God's Prayer Force:
An army of Seventh-day Adventists committed to praying together for the advancement of Christ's Kingdom.

In his book, Destined For The Throne (page 17), Paul E. Billheimer says:
"Prayer is not begging God to do something that He is loath to do. It is not overcoming reluctance in God. It is enforcing Christ's victory over Satan. It is implementing upon earth heaven's decisions concerning the affairs of men. Calvary le­gally destroyed Satan and canceled all of his claims. God placed the enforcement of Calvary's victory in the hands of the Church (Matthew 18:18 and Luke 10: 17‑19). He has given to her 'power of attorney,' or made her His 'deputy.' But this delegated authority is wholly inoperative apart from the prayers of a believing Church. Prayer, therefore, is where the action is. Any church without a well‑organized and systematic prayer program is simply operating a rel
igious treadmill."

We are calling all Seventh-day Adventists to join us in prayer and not be satisfied with a "religious treadmill." It comes down to this: We are at war with Satan and prayer is where the power comes from to fight him and his "forces" properly. Our prayers are God's armaments, munitions and weaponry for this battle. For more information, please journey around the GPF website, using the God's Prayer Force Menu on the left. We invite you to join us! 

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