Prayer Ministry
Special Emphasis Oregon Camp Meeting 2015

Have you ever walked into a candy store intent on getting your favorite delicacy - but while waiting for the clerk, your eye fell on a flavor you’d never tasted before. It looked so good you had to try a sample. And when you walked out you had not only what you came for, but a supply of new delights for the days ahead. That’s what Camp Meeting 2015 is all about – experiencing again the blessings you’ve known in past camp meetings plus new unexpected experiences God is waiting to provide.

That is what this web site is all about. Letting you explore the candy store – giving a taste of what is planned for Oregon Camp Meeting 2015. We invite you to come here daily (or at least several times each week) for information and inspiration.

Before we mention what will be most special about Camp Meeting 2015, note that Oregon has a 10-day camp meeting! It is composed of Spanish camp meeting, July 16 – 18, and English camp meeting, July 21-25.

But the most important news about Camp Meeting 2015 is captured in the logo you see above, Called2Pray. Camp Meeting 2015 is a call to prayer. Prayer has been a vital part of every past camp meeting, but we intend that more than ever, prayer will be the focus of Camp Meeting 2015. Preparation for Camp Meeting 2015 will be bathed in prayer. Every part of Camp Meeting 2015 will be focused on prayer. To accomplish this goal, we extend to you personally the invitation Called2Pray.

What is so special about Called2Pray? What is special is not what we do, but what God will do in Camp Meeting 2015 simply because we ask! God invites, “If my people … will humble themselves and pray and seek my face … then will I hear from heaven…” (2 Chronicles 7:14). As we approach July 16 – 25, we only have a faint idea of all God has in store, all He wants to do for us and for all who come. What is special will be the thousands of us – God’s people in the Oregon Conference – committed to inviting God to do something very special for each open heart in Camp Meeting 2015.

At least once a week this site will present a Prayer Prompt – an inspirational thought to encourage your prayer preparation. And as camp meeting plans develop, information will be given here. Then, beginning on June 7, this web site will guide you in 40 Days of Prayer in preparation for Camp Meeting 2015. Each day will have a new devotional thought to enhance your prayers.

The last time we participated in 40 Days of Prayer in preparation for camp meeting, God did amazing things. Here is one of those stories: 

Camp Meeting 2013 was preceded by 40 days of prayer posted on the Oregon Conference website. We wondered what God would do simply because we prayed. Camp Meeting was well underway when a severe weather warning was given of an approaching thunder storm with heavy rain and strong winds. Hundreds were gathered at the main pavilion for the evening meeting as the angry storm clouds approached but God’s hand parted the storm. The next evening at the meeting a weather radar map was projected showing the storm parting and going around both sides of Gladstone Camp Meeting grounds! We received only a few sprinkles and a bit of wind. What an answer to prayer! What a mighty God we serve!

What will God do this time? Only He knows, but together let’s give Him permission – No! – Let’s beg Him to do all He yearns to do. That’s why you are Called2Pray for Camp Meeting 2015.