Prayer Ministry

Jesus says, “Call to me and I will answer you…”  Jeremiah 33:3 
This is a promise that needs to be experienced to understand its depth. On this website we will come together to pray.

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Pastor Greg Middlestetter

Tawny Sprotsman
Assistant Coordinator

Looking Back – Looking Forward

A string of miracles gave evidence of God’s leading for prayer ministry at Oregon Camp Meeting. When Oregon Conference Vice President asked us to guide in making prayer a special focus at camp meeting, he mentioned a new location would be needed as the old building used in prior years was no longer usable. As we looked the grounds over for a new spot, we noticed an overgrown flower garden in a prime location directly across from the main pavilion. Entrance to the garden was an arched entrance through a tall hedge that just seemed to invite one to enter. Later we learned that several years ago a bush in the hedge had died.  Rather than replacing it,  Kevin Smith, now conference office facilities manager, envisioned an arched entrance into the garden and began to train the shrubs to form the arch.

The garden was overgrown with weeds. It had shrubs that needed pruning, many flowering plants in dire need of water, and a gazebo in a raised center area that needed some repairs. But we felt that it offered great possibilities and work was begun to make this a Garden of Prayer. Matt Ballard, grounds supervisor, sent his youth work team over to clean out the weeds. Overgrown shrubs were pruned, wood chips spread, rose bushes added and a sprinkling system set up. Under a shade tree in one corner of the garden a tent was set up with designated hours where people could come and pray with prayer volunteers.  But the garden was always open for anyone who wished to come and pray. From early morning until late at night people came for prayer and quiet devotion.

Prayer request cards were available at the prayer tent and boxes to receive the requests were located at the prayer tent and at other locations throughout the camp grounds. Each day the requests were gathered and a prayer team prayed for each request. By the end of camp meeting over 400 requests had been turned in. The prayer team continued to pray for these requests in the months following camp meeting.

Looking Ahead

Preparations are in progress for prayer ministry to continue at camp meeting this summer. Remember, “At camp meeting it’s OK to pray anytime, anywhere, with anyone.”  It is the desire that the Garden of Prayer will encourage a spirit of prayer that will permeate all of camp meeting and be carried by camp meeting attendees back to their families and home churches. 

Are you willing to be part of an email prayer team praying for camp meeting? You would be informed by email of prayer needs. If you would like to be part of this prayer ministry, send an email to